Drug detox and rehab in other centers and clinics

In this country and abroad, there are different ways of understanding the problem of addiction. This is the reason why there are specialized centers and clinics, which offer different detox treatment and rehab systems for the addiction of alcohol, cocaine, heroin and tranquillizers.

Treatment is carried out with or without in-patient admission. With admission for several weeks, months and even more than a year. The treatments carried out while admitted to hospital can include subsequent support therapy. This later therapy can consist of individual, group or family of up to an hour or day hospital intervention for several months.

Throughout this, it is a fact that there is a strong tendency towards reducing assisted time during hospitalisation, if this is the case, as well as in out-patient clinic assistance in detoxification, treatment and rehabilitation centers and clinics both on a national level and abroad.

This tendency towards shorter treatments has been brought about according to the development and improvements in pharmacological treatments. That is to say, when pharmacology did not offer good results and did not control the illness, the therapists and reclusion had to carry out the function of control and this is why patients were admitted to hospital for longer periods of treatment. The developments in pharmacology are not only allowing shorter treatments but also better short and long term results.

The objective of this pharmacology is the brain. It aims at recuperation of the balance of emotional functions, as well as those related to thought, in a way that the individual does not suffer symptoms of the illness, that is to say, they do not suffer from withdrawal syndrome nor craving and feel good.

The detoxification and rehabilitation treatments at Tavad follow this tendency. Short stays, using the most advanced pharmacology, with excellent hospitals and professionals. This allows us to obtain the best results and at the same time avoid the withdrawal syndrome and improve well-being. Subsequently, we monitor the patient for a year with medical, psychological and pharmacological support.