The Health Technology Assessment Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation has examined the results of out treatment and pointed out its effectiveness. In this way, Tavad has become the only center which offers the best, officially evaluated results.

Our treatment in the hospital achieves 100% success in tranquillizers detoxification, strengthening the elimination of abstinence syndrome and craving, however serious the addiction.

The results of the examination of our patients when are admitted to and are discharged from the hospital phase of treatment, show significant changes in the analysed areas. Depression, anxiety, hostility, paranoid ideas, phobias and obsessions show a marked improvement during the hospital stay of two days. In this time, the patient becomes stable and manages to recuperate well-being.

In addition to changes in the addiction, mood and executive functions such as making decisions, the improvement of the patient can also be seen in the recovery of organ and system function which may have been damaged as a result of tranquillizers consumption and other substances commonly associated with tranquillizers. In this way the cardiovascular and hepatic indices show positive progress during the first month of treatment.

Finally, during the subsequent phase of medical and psychological treatment, which lasts one year, we achieve excellent progress in 84% of the people who began the treatment.

Tranquillizers detoxification outcome: Comparative graph

Success in detoxification


Data evaluated by AETS (Health Technology Assessment Agency) from the Carlos III Health Institute. Ministry of Science and Innovation

Outcome a year after discharge from hospital


Data obtained from

Clinical Profile of the patient


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benzodiacepines detox

Marital status

benzodiacepines detox

Years of dependence

benzodiacepines detox

Previous treatments

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benzodiacepines detox

Media and social repercussions of our treatment

In an extensive interview, Dr. Juan JosУЉ Legarda comments on the fundamental activity which takes place in the brain during tranquillizers treatment. The results of the treatment, as with those of detoxification of cocaine and other addictions, are the most currently efficient in the world and there are official institutions that certify their success rate.